Have a bunch of old ribbons laying around in boxes? Ribbon pillows are the best way to showcase your ribbons in a practical, fun way. Perfect as throw pillows for couches or beds, these pillows are 14"x14" and come with a removable pillow insert.


How does it work?

After your order is confirmed I will contact you with an address you can ship your ribbons to. Ribbon pillows require 12-15 ribbons that are at least 12" long and have 3 streamers. Upon recieving your ribbons I will start designing and sewing a pillow just for you! Within 2 weeks your ribbons will be transformed and sent back to you to display in your home. Any extra ribbons (if there are any) will be shipped back to you along with your pillow. 

Custom Ribbon Pillow

C$80.00 Regular Price
C$56.00Sale Price




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